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peter garbutt

  • Hi Chris. In Crookes and Crosspool there are a number of long-standing independent shops, and both communities have a forum which helps take them forwards. Both are engaging in street markets, although at present they’re annual affairs. Crookes’ first one will be later this month.
    There are some things which worry me. The forums are struggling for…[Read more]

  • The Council budget is being squeezed beyond any ability to choose how to spend the money. The Council is legally obliged to supply certain services, and the money available barely meets those obligations.
    Over the last five years I’ve become more and more convinced we should be putting an amendment to Labour’s budget which effectively sets a needs…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the question Eamonn.
    I’ve been attending general and campaigns meetings as usual. I’ve helped start the Crookes and Crosspool group into activity, attending the first few meetings, doing one of the ward walks, delivering letters in Crosspool regarding the proposed change of speed limit on Manchester Road, and attending the Crookes…[Read more]