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Jason Leman

Jason Leman

Jason Leman

Jason wass one of the 3 Green local election candidates for Ecclesall ward on May 5th 2016.

“Having lived in Ecclesall for ten years and it has become my home. We’ve had a lot of issues locally. Supermarkets have opened in the area and put the squeeze on local shops. Demand for school places has increased with a lot of families moving to the area, but the route towards solutions has been a bit haphazard. I’ve helped out with campaigns, including the protest against the felling of the Rustlings Road trees.

Many of the issues locally, and wider in Sheffield, have been due to Sheffield citizens not being properly involved by the Council and its contractors. There are really good examples of Councils giving people a real say over what happens in their neighbourhood, and of involving Council workers, many of whom are residents too, in improving services. As Government cuts put ever more pressure on Council services, especially for those struggling to get by, we need to push for changes in Sheffield.
In Ecclesall we’re also working to make our area more sustainable. We are promoting what people can do differently – from making gardens greener to throwing a street party! A low-carbon lifestyle is about putting caring and happiness above buying stuff that we don’t need. It’s good for us and our planet.
I work as a researcher, a parent, and as a PhD student. As a former research assistant to the Sheffield Green Group on the Council, I saw the positive impact Green councillors can make. It’s a pleasure to support the Greens in Sheffield.”

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