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Peter Garbutt

Peter Garbutt was one of the three Green Party Candidates for Crookes and Crosspool for the 2016 all-out Council Elections (the others being Rose Garratt and Logan Robin). He stood in the 2015 General Election in Sheffield Hallam, and was effective in communicating the distinctive Green vision in the public debates.

SGP Peter Garbutt and gardening for food 252He is a semi-retired teacher.  He moved to Sheffield in 1988. He has lived in Crookes, and now lives with his wife in Heeley.

More About Peter

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2005, and became active in 2007. My activity has covered most aspects of elections; I regularly deliver newsletters and leaflets and I canvass most weeks. On top of that I attend most meetings, and am active therefore in formulating policy alongside other members at a local level. I write letters to the press outlining the Green Party approach on a range of matters, and I’m very active on Facebook and on Twitter (@PeterGarbutt). I was Chairperson of the Sheffield Green Party in 2012.

What attracted me to the Green Party in the first place was the environmental policies we have in place. We’re still the only party that integrates this with all our policies, from agriculture to energy, from housing to transport, from health to constitutional reform and so much more. So, far from being a “middle class” concern, it goes to the heart of everything we, as humans, do.

I’m extremely impressed both by the democracy within the party and by the desire of members to keep on improving it. The dedication of our councillors is an inspiration. No-one joins the party to have a career in politics; those people all go to other parties. Our members are drawn to us because of the integrity of our messages, and, when elected, are keen to maintain that integrity.

So, if I’m elected, I’ll work honestly and diligently for all those living in the ward, ensuring all voices can be heard, whatever the issue. Casework is a very important part of a Green councillor’s job, helping people solve the problems they encounter in their everyday lives; whether it’s bins, buses, housing or care, I’ll work hard to make sure the matter is dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible.

I’ve been involved with the Trees campaigns across the city and especially within the ward – Lydgate Lane, Northfield Avenue and others. The trees are important because of what they do for us. But the issue goes much wider; it’s about how a council delivers the services it’s meant to, and about how a council values and listens to the people it’s supposed to serve.

Some of the bigger issues coming up in 2016 will be fracking, TTIP, and Climate Change. These are big, global issues, but they have big impacts locally. Whether or not the people of Crookes and Crosspool elect me, I’ll be opposing fracking and TTIP with every gram of energy I possess; and I’ll be holding the Council to account on their pledge for the City to go carbon free by 2050. However, I’ll be able to do these much more effectively as a councillor.

Read the Sheffield Green Party 2016 Manifesto here.

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