Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is held once a year, usually in December. The Chair, Treasurer and, if required, other elected officers present reports to the meeting. The meeting may also review or set goals and priorities in addition to conducting the ordinary business of Sheffield Green Party

Members meetings

Members meetings are held monthly, usually on the first Monday of the month. Check the events page for details of forthcoming meetings.

Executive committee

The Executive Committee facilitates the management and day-to-day running of Sheffield Green Party and expedites actions arising from decisions at AGMs and Members meetings.

Officers are elected to the Executive for terms of 2 years. Councillors and Ward organisers can also attend and vote.

Roles for Young Greens Officer, Digital Co-ordinator and Treasurer are currently vacant. If you have any questions about the officer roles or might like to help in any of the Officer areas, please contact the Membership Coordinator at

The current Executive are:

Christine Gilligan Kubo
Co-Chair: Cllr Tina Gilligan (Elected 2023)
Councillor Douglas Johnson
Co-Chair: Cllr Douglas Johnson (Elected 2023)
Equalities & Diversity Officer: Bev Bennett (Elected 2022)
Membership Officer: Stewart Henderson (Elected 2023)
Co-Compaigns Officer: Kim Perry (Elected 2023)
Cllr Brian Holmshaw
Co-Compaigns Officer: Cllr Brian Holmshaw (Elected 2023)
Governance & Policy Officer: Liam Hardy (Elected 2022)
Thomas Atkin-Withers
Elections Officer: Thomas Atkin-Withers (Elected 2022)
Media Officer: Josh Rowan (Elected 2023)