I have lived in the Hillsborough area since 1993. I was elected as a councillor for the Hillsborough ward in May 2020 and re-elected in May 2024.

I was a university lecturer researching sustainability, and responsible business practice before I became a councillor and was active in several local and citywide voluntary groups, including Sheffield Renewables, an organisation aiming to provide renewable energy for community buildings.

Sheffield is a great place to live but I’m aware that there are many issues in Brightside & Hillsborough constituency that need improvements.

I’m concerned about increasing traffic which pollutes the air we breathe, creates congestion and makes our streets unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. Linked to this is the lack of affordable public transport in Sheffield. A publicly funded, reliable bus service would provide a sustainable alternative to car use.

I fully support public control of our public services such as the NHS. These are the backbone of society and have the potential to improve the lives of all residents. I also want to see Increases in social housing that will enable more people to live with dignity in housing that meets their needs.

If elected, I will seek to address the needs of local residents and contribute to constituency improvements. But I am also keenly aware of the Climate Crisis and the Biodiversity Crisis and want to make sure that the importance of the natural environment and climate change are factored into every decision. I joined the Green Party because I was concerned about the destruction of our natural environment and the loss of biodiversity in the UK and I am keen to contribute to a more sustainable life for us, our children and future generations.

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Sheffield General Election 2024