Judith Rutnam is the Green Party candidate for Fulwood Ward in the local elections on May 5th 2022.

“I live in the ward just off Fulwood Road. I’m a keen cyclist and involved in Sheffield campaigns to promote cycling. This includes working with them to campaign for a citywide 20mph speed limit on residential roads (not main routes) to cut accidents and make our streets safer for everyone, including children.

“Greens are also consistent supporters of public transport with routes to serve communities and key users, like older people, who need bus stops close to where they live. Constant battles are being fought in Fulwood as First and Stagecoach make profit motivated decisions to change routes and services. People here should have access to bus services to take them to the two big hospitals – the council should be in control of the buses. I support the retention of healthy street trees that help us breathe clean air and make our communities more than just concrete and cars.”

The Green council budget proposals for 2022/23 offered a manifesto for council action to address the climate emergency.

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