Douglas Johnson
Cllr Douglas Johnson

At the Council’s meeting on Wednesday Greens backed the Labour budget amendment which passed. Unfortunately the Labour Group joined with the LibDems and didn’t support the forward-looking ideas in the Green Party amendment .

Councillors who have left Labour this year did support the Green budget amendment, however.

Councillor Douglas Johnson , Leader of the Green Party Group said,

“The Labour Group amendment made only one small change to the budget by increasing the penalty charges for fly-tipping and littering, which the Green Group supported. We are happy to support good ideas from other parties.

“We were disappointed that Labour did not reciprocate by supporting the Green Amendment. There were no immediate financial implications in our amendment and it would have asked the Council to investigate the viability of new significant sources of funding – the sort of funding we will need if we are to address the rising cost of energy, the need for clean affordable public transport and to tackle climate change. We hoped Labour might have seen beyond tribal politics and might have worked cooperatively with us in the interests of the city.”

“The positive thing is that the Council has a budget that is agreed by all political groups on the Council. This is due to the new way of working, with a Committee System and no single party is in charge of the Council. This means political parties have to work together. The Green Party believes in working collaboratively with other parties is a good thing and we have never believed in tribal politics. Good ideas can come from all parties and we shouldn’t dismiss proposals out of hand simply because they are not our ideas. Though the fact that no party has an overall majority forces parties to work together we would welcome a change in the culture in the council where political groups instinctively worked collaboratively across party lines.”

“It is a true demonstration of ‘together we get things done.’