Sheffield Green Party Council Election Manifesto 2019

A council that listens

  • Listening to local people and helping them get their voices heard
  • Calling decision-makers to account to the people they serve, and involving all councillors in decision-making, not just the Cabinet
  • Online broadcasting of council meetings

A healthier, caring city

  • Better care, centred on people’s needs.
  • Keeping the Walk-in Centre and Minor Injuries Unit open B
  • Better mental health services for both adults and children
  • Support for low-income households and helping Universal Credit claimants

Safer and cleaner streets

  • Safe, welcoming streets and green spaces;
  • Campaigning against cuts to street cleaning
  • Action on knife crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Good local schools that children can walk to safely
  • Campaigning for a healthy urban environment that values and protects trees

Jobs in a local economy

  • Creating new jobs in renewable energy and energy-saving measures for homes and businesses
  • A living wage, not zero hours contracts
  • Supporting local businesses making a living in the local economy; no more big private contracts
  • Protecting our heritage by working with local groups and promoting the city’s regeneration

Decent homes and neighbourhoods

  • Investment in good-quality, affordable, rented housing to reduce energy use and bills
  • Balancing the night-time economy with residents’ needs
  • Better recycling options
  • More support for homeless people and local charities that help them

Better transport and air quality

  • Cheaper, more reliable public transport so people can choose to leave their cars at home
  • Investment in safer, more attractive routes for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Real action on air pollution, climate change and public health – at every level of decision-making

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