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Graham Wroe

graham wroeWard Organiser for Manor Castle and candidate here since 1994. In 2016 Susi Liles and Malcolm Liles  also stood as all the Council seats were contested due to boundary changes. I am also currently the Press officer for Residents against Station Closure.  and a rep for my Union, UCU.

See the Manor Castle blog  for more information.

I have contributed to national Green Party education policy which stands up for young people and teachers against the damaging education policies of the Conservative government.
Austerity cuts have had a drastic effect on many people in our area. Bedroom tax, benefit cuts and wage freezes added to fuel and rent rises are increasing poverty. If you elect me I will stand up for local people and oppose the cuts.

In our ward we need to improve the housing stock so that our homes stay warm and dry without wasting fuel and creating more climate changing gases. Lots of us live in early 1900’s terraced housing which is not energy efficient. The Government should be funding projects to ensure housing is properly insulated, using external cladding on rows of terraced housing to reduce fuel poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.

Manor Castle does not have a lot of street trees, but I have been proactive in trying to protect what we have as many of them are disturbing the pavement and could be under threat from the Streets Ahead scheme. Instead of cutting these trees down the Council should be using solutions such as flexi-pave to protect the trees and keep the pavement accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Park Hill is being redeveloped, but the progress Urban Splash are making is agonisingly slow. The Community has lost both the Park Hill shops and Castle Market, so the provision of local shops is now extremely poor. When so many Sheffielders are homeless it is a terrible waste for these flats to be sitting empty. The Council needs to put more pressure on Urban Splash to get on with the job.

As press officer for RASC I have been campaigning against plans to block the pedestrian bridge across the station with barriers. Things seem to have gone quiet on this front at the moment but the RASC group is ready should the idea of barriers raise its ugly head again in the future, forinstance when the franchise changes.

We need to regulate the bus service so that we can rely on good quality public transport. Recent changes have made things worse,with longer waits for bus users and more bunching of buses. We need good local shops and services, so that we don’t need to travel so much. We need schools that are public services, not trusts that have their own agenda, be it religious or corporate.

Personally my work at City College means that I can usually walk to work.  I am  proud that the college has completed its “green” rebuild which incorporates solar panels, wind turbines and a green roof, but very disappointed that the cuts have meant the closure of many of our community education centres. I have not flown since I returned from teaching in Uganda in 1990 and usually holiday in this country. I experienced the effects of climate change at first hand in Uganda and have been campaigning on it ever since.

In the past I campaigned against Bernard Road incinerator as chair of Residents against Bernard Road Incinerator (RABID) and appeared on television during the Greenpeace “Toxic Crime” occupation.

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