Sheffield has 28 council wards, each with 3 local councillors. There are 6 parliamentary constituencies each with an MP. You can find out who your councillors are on the Sheffield City Council website and find out who your MP is here.

Greens in Sheffield

The Green Party is active across Sheffield and we currently have councillors in 4 wards.

Broomhill & Sharrow Vale

Angela Argenzio and Kaltum Rivers and are Green councillors for Broomhill & Sharrow Vale ward.
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Douglas Johnson, Ruth Mersereau and Martin Phipps are Green councillors for City ward.
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Gleadless Valley

Paul Turpin is Green councillor for Gleadless Valley ward.
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Nether Edge & Sharrow

Alison Teal and Peter Garbutt are Green councillors for Nether Edge & Sharrow ward.
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Find out more and get involved in your area

You see what’s going on in your local ward on their Facebook pages:

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