Dave Dillner is the Green Party candidate for Park & Arbourthorne Ward in the local elections on May 6th 2021

Dave Dillner has lived in the ward for over 20 years. He founded the STAG street tree campaign and is the tree warden for Arbourthorne. Dave has helped restore local bus services, delivers food parcels and is a trustee of a local community garden. Dave has worked alongside Green councillors Alison Teal and Paul Turpin and will speak up for Park and Arbourthorne ward residents. Dave will push for accountability in the council, clean air and a “joined up” transport policy.

For information about Dave and the election campaign please click on the link below which includes contact points for enquiries to be submitted to Dave or to request a window poster:

Election address

The Green council budget proposals for 2021/22 offered a manifesto for council action to address the climate emergency 

Dave joins all Green party candidates in supporting the Sheffield People’s Referendum for democratic change. Vote for Change on May 6th!

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