Ruth Flagg-Abbey is the Green Party candidate for Manor Castle Ward on May 6th 2021. 

I have lived in the Norfolk Park area of Sheffield since 2011, together with my husband, youngest daughter and elderly Jack Russell dog. I am currently working in the NHS as an administrator, having previously worked as an advisor for Citizens Advice and various university libraries as a librarian. I maintain my contact with the library world by volunteering at Park Library.

My passion for the green landscape of the city of Sheffield led to me joining the Green Party after taking part in the campaign to save our local trees in the Norfolk Park area. I think that our Council should reflect the best of Sheffield; our care for others, our strong sense of community and our plain-speaking approach to life, together with the values that led me to join the Greens; concern for the environment and a belief in a fair chance for everybody.

I am a keen cyclist, walker and user of public transport, and have been fortunate to be car-free (since 2017). I am particularly concerned by the poor air quality in Sheffield and the effect it has on our health and the health of children in the city. If elected, I would welcome the chance to dedicate myself full-time to the needs of Manor Castle ward, and to help to bring the values of the Green Party to Sheffield City Council.

For information about Ruth and the election campaign please click on the link below which includes contact points for enquiries to be submitted to Ruth or to request a window poster:

Election Address

The Green council budget proposals for 2021/22 offered a manifesto for council action to address the climate emergency 

Ruth joins all Green party candidates in supporting the Sheffield People’s Referendum for democratic change. Vote for Change on May 6th! 

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