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Billie Turner is the Green Party candidate for Park and Arbourthorne Ward in the local elections on May 2nd 2024

I was born and raised in Sheffield, mainly in the S2 area. I’m a single mother of two now living on Daresbury Road, close to East Bank Road.

I know all the area like the back of my hand. I cycle for everything except the odd local dog walk. I usually buy my food locally except what I manage to grow and raise in my garden. The best bit is eggs from my hens!

I was homeless for long periods as a teenager. I’ve had long periods in my life where I had to choose between heating and eating. I now live in a low-income household and I’m dependent on government financial top-up and benefits. 

I want to make The Park and Arbourthorne council ward a family-friendly neighbourhood as this goes hand in hand with accessibility. I understand the importance of improvements and change. With happiness comes health and with health comes happiness. As a bus user, I know how vital good services within walking distance are to people living in this area.

I’m standing to be your local councillor for the Green Party because they understand the needs of everyday people like me.  We will keep fighting for households in the area, and across Sheffield, to receive the help and support they need in an ongoing cost-of-living crisis.


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