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Colin McCulloch is one of 2 Green Party candidates for Firth Park Ward in the local elections on May 2nd 2024. The other is Eamonn Ward.

I moved to Sheffield 44 years ago to work in the engineering industry and it’s been my home ever since. I retired several years ago and have given a lot of my time to voluntary work, mainly living overseas in Asia: that has given me insights into non-white, non-western cultures and something of what it’s like to be ‘a minority’ or ‘an alien’.

Here in Sheffield, I’m a non-car user and have been active in campaigning for safer streets and cleaner air, for better public transport and to improve the conditions for those who walk, wheel and cycle in the city – with the council’s cycle forum and the Sustrans charity. 

I have two daughters and three grandchildren; and I’m concerned to ensure they have a sustainable, greener, cleaner future. If elected, I would also work with other Green councillors to bring more action on warmer homes with reduced energy bills, through improving insulation and other measures.

In my spare time, I enjoy cycling and walking in the Peaks and the trails in the north and east of Sheffield; and I’m keen to see everyone in all parts of Sheffield enjoy the health and well-being benefits of green public spaces and a better environment.

I’m also deeply concerned at the inequality and poverty that is forced on so many of us by an unjust economic and political system. I regularly help Green party collections for the S6 Foodbank, but we need to do more than just give immediate help to those in need.

If elected I can promise to be available, to listen and to work hard to deal with the needs and concerns of the people of Firth Park.

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