Dylan Lewis-Creser

Dylan Lewis-Creser is the Green Party candidate for Walkley Ward in the local elections on May 2nd 2024

I chose Sheffield as my home, and I love our city and our community. We are a city that cares about people and the planet, and all of the fantastic community projects throughout Walkley, Upperthorpe, Netherthorpe and the rest of the city demonstrate our commitment to the community.

We deserve a city council that works with our communities and understands the issues that we face, not separate from the community and only around at election time.

I’m looking to continue the great work of Councillor Bernard Little; a councillor able to vote independently, act with residents, and hold Sheffield Labour and Liberal Democrats to account. I am committed to helping our city to thrive, and that is what I will do if elected as your councillor in Walkley.

For a greener, fairer and united Sheffield, vote Dylan Lewis-Creser for councillor in Walkley.

lease contact me if you have any enquiries about my candidacy or if you would like to display a poster in support of my campaign via greenparty@dylanlewiscreser.co.uk 

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