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Oscar Idle
Oscar Idle

Oscar Idle is the Green Party candidate for Crookes & Crosspool ward in the local elections on May 2nd 2024

Having lived in Crookes and Crosspool, I am excited to stand in the area this May. I am currently a student here, but I also work locally as a chess tutor.

Even in the two years living in Sheffield as a student, I have noticed significant safety and congestion problems on our roads. We need to build on schemes such as the Crookes Active Neighbourhood, but with more clarity and public engagement. It is unlikely to be successful without significant consultation. It is vital that we protect the lives and safety of children and other pedestrians and cyclists. With Sheffield being notoriously dangerous for children and cyclists, 20mph speed limits and safe, separated cycle lanes must be introduced alongside any active travel schemes. Such schemes cannot work alone and we need to find ways to support local buses in order to ensure that convenient transport options exist for everyone.

As a young person, I feel that I have a lot at stake in the planet’s future. This is part of the reason why I will do everything I can to protect nature and biodiversity and help everyone along through a rapid green transition involving more cycling and public transport, energy-efficient homes, and the creation of green jobs. I used to work as a teaching assistant, where I supported classes and worked one to one with children with additional needs. This has inspired me to seek educational reform on a national scale. It was some of the most fulfilling and challenging work that I have done.

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