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Douglas Johnson

  • I have been chairing the Policy and Campaigns Group every month and working on the issues discussed there to help get them into the media. I have worked to make sure we come up with the right policy positions but also ones that present Sheffield Green Party as a credible and realistic alternative party that could run the council. As I have been…[Read more]

  • I start from the position, “What would we do if we were in power?” Despite the cuts, it is still a responsible job to decide how best to spend £450 million.

    However much we like the image of defying the Government, we know that in reality to refuse to set a budget would be to see Government Commissioners step in to run the council in pret…[Read more]

  • Kelham Island in City Ward is becoming well-known for it range of small but popular cafes and pubs, with locally made food and drink, not to mention the range of shops and businesses on the Wicker.

    However the area around the markets has been run down since Meadowhall was created to take trade out of the city centre and I am wary about what…[Read more]