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Logan Robin

Logan-RobinLogan Robin wass one of the 3 Green local election candidates for the new Crookes and Crosspool ward on May 5th 2016.

“I live on the border of Crookes and Walkley and I’m studying at the University of Sheffield. I grew up in Sheffield, developing deep connections with the people here.  That includes within the Home Education network, Woodcraft Folk, local animal support groups and, right now, the Save Rivelin Valley Trees group.

I want to stand up and give something back to the community. I’ve seen those around me being disregarded and ignored.  Whether it’s those with mental or physical disabilities, becoming impoverished by below inflation rises in disability living allowance, or neglect of mental health services which help people with depression and other neurological difficulties.

Students and young people have been harmed by the scrapping of Student Maintenance Grants and rapidly rising housing costs. Young people are barely represented on Sheffield Council – there is a need for more younger councillors to offer community support to the sizeable student population in Crookes and Crosspool and number of other wards.

This ward brings two different local communities under one umbrella. I have been working with Rose Garratt and Peter Garbutt across these communities. We offer a range of age and experience and a commitment to work hard on the ground as councillors. I hope you will support the expansion of our work by electing us on May 5th.”

Read the Sheffield Green Party 2016 Manifesto here.

See the full list of Sheffield Green Party 2016 council candidates here.

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