Christine Gilligan Kubo is the Green Party candidate for Hillsborough ward in the Local Elections on May 2nd 2024                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                        “I have lived in the Hillsborough area since 1993 and was elected as a councillor for the Hillsborough ward in May 2021. I’m asking you to support my re-election.

I was a university lecturer researching sustainability, and responsible business practice before I became a councillor and was active in several local and citywide voluntary groups, including Sheffield Renewables, an organisation aiming to provide renewable energy for community buildings.

Hillsborough Greens are: 

Acting for our area: Toby Mallinson, Henry Nottage and I work as a team of responsive councillors. We actively engage with the local community and give local people a voice.  

I’ve worked hard since 2021 helping hundreds of residents with everyday problems and issues. We’ve assisted many local organisations delivering community support such as Hillsborough Together, Friends of Wisewood & District and Winn Gardens TARA. You can regularly see me outside The Green Shop, Wadsley Lane, organising our monthly street collections for S6 Foodbank. 

Supporting local communities: We’ve kept pushing the mayor and bus companies to provide the bus services you need. I know people are struggling to get to work, school, shops and medical appointments. The 52A returning to Wadsley, Wisewood and Loxley from April 8th is welcome news but the lack of many evening or Sunday services will still leave many people feeling isolated. 

Small actions can make a big difference. Recently we have allocated funding for “Think Before You Park” signs at 4 local schools, litter bins at hot spot locations like Rudyard Road and a retractable bollard at garages on Park View Road to prevent fly tipping. 

Acting on the Climate Emergency: Green councillors are pushing for urgent action. Creating green jobs to properly insulate homes and reduce heating bills, benefits us all. Clean air and safe streets create a better environment for our children. 

I remain committed to working hard for Hillsborough and will always put the interests of local people and communities first. Please use your vote to re-elect me on May 2nd.

Please contact me if you have any enquiries about my candidacy or if you would like to display a poster in support of my campaign via”