Here is a full list of the local election candidates for May 4th 2023.

Beauchief & Greenhill – Gill Black
Stewart Kemp
Beighton-Stewart Kemp
Alan Yearsley
Birley-Alan Yearsley
Cllr Angela Argenzio
Broomhill and Sharrow Vale-Cllr Angela Argenzio
Mustafa Ahmed
Burngreave-Mustafa Ahmed
Cllr Ruth Mersereau
City-Cllr Ruth Mersereau
Crookes and Crosspool-Oscar Idle
Eamonn Ward
Darnall-Eamonn Ward
Bex Whyman
Dore and Totley-Bex Whyman
Rosie Trevillion
East Ecclesfield-Rosie Trevillion
Ecclesall-Peter Gilbert
Firth Park-Joydu Al-Mahfuz
Dylan Lewis-Creser
Fulwood-Dylan Lewis-Creser
Cllr Paul Turpin in Heeley
Gleadless Valley-Cllr Paul Turpin
Thomas Atkin
Graves Park-Thomas Atkin
Hillsborough-Toby Mallinson
Manor Castle 1-Ruth Flagg-Abbey
Catherine Fish on a litterpick
Manor Castle 2-Catherine Fish
Mosborough – Julie White
Beverley Bennett, candidate for Nether Edge and Sharrow
Nether Edge and Sharrow-Beverley Bennett
Jen Barnard
Park and Arbourthorne-Jen Barnard
Luke Hunt
Richmond-Luke Hunt
Joel Gilbert
Shiregreen and Brightside-Joel Gilbert
Andrew Hards
Southey-Andrew Hards
Green Party members marching with the banner
Stannington-Matty Kimber
David Willington
Stocksbridge and Upper Don-David Willington
Walkley-Ash Routh
West Ecclsefield-Kathy Aston
Chris Bragg
Woodhouse-Chris Bragg


Beauchief & Greenhill – Gill Black

Beighton – Stewart Kemp

Birley – Alan Yearsley

Broomhill & Sharrow Vale – Angela Argenzio

Burngreave – Mustafa Ahmed

City – Ruth Mersereau

Crookes and Crosspool – Oscar Idle

Darnall – Eamonn Ward

Dore & Totley – Bex Whyman

East Ecclesfield- Rosie Trevillion

Ecclesall- Peter Gilbert

Firth Park – Joydu Al-Mahfuz

Fulwood- Dylan Lewis Creser

Gleadless Valley – Paul Turpin

Graves Park – Thomas Atkin

Hillsborough – Toby Mallinson

Manor Castle first choice – Ruth Flagg Abbey

Manor Castle second choice  – Catherine Fish 

Mosborough – Julie White

Nether Edge & Sharrow – Bev Bennett

Park & Arbourthorne – Jen Barnard

Richmond – Luke Hunt

Shiregreen and Brightside – Joel Gilbert

Southey – Andrew Hards

Stannington- Matty Kimber

Stocksbridge & Upper Don – David Willington

Walkley- Ash Routh

West Ecclesfield – Kathy Aston

Woodhouse- Chris Bragg