The Sheffield Green Party is today extending its unwavering support and solidarity to each of the 8 tree campaigners being brought before the court by Sheffield City Council.

The campaigners, including Green Party Councillor Alison Teal and other Sheffield Green Party members, face legal action for peacefully protesting against the Council’s disastrous and unpopular tree felling policy, which is set to destroy 6,000 trees across the city.

Sheffield Greens completely and unanimously support the right to peaceful protest, and hope that the court will today recognise the campaigners’ democratic and human rights in the face of the Labour Council’s aggressive and needless behaviour.


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2 thoughts on “Sheffield Greens extend support and solidarity to tree campaigners

  1. Pedro Osorio says

    Support from a Green Party member in London
    We are behind the Sheffield Green Party
    They will not silence us

  2. John Mc Crea says

    Yet another example of why the Progressive Alliance should be ditched! The Labour Party have consistently shown that they are not only so far out of tune with our core beliefs, but also they cannot be trusted!

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