Greens have been pushing for 20mph speed limits on all residential roads except main routes since 2008. So the proposed 20mph speed limit for whole of the city centre (excluding main roads) is welcomed.

City Ward has the worst road safety accident statistics in the city. It has been left behind as 20mph schemes were developed around other residential areas. Slower vehicle speeds mean not just safer roads but less air pollution and noise, which is very important in built-up residential areas.

Portsmouth’s citywide scheme cost just £573,000 in 2008. A similar trailblazing citywide scheme then would have been massively more cost effective than Sheffield’s piecemeal approach. But this scheme covers a large, clearly defined area so drivers will be aware of the consistent speed limit. The soon to be implemented Greystones to Whirlow scheme is on a similar large scale.

The consultation continues until August 11th with comments to be submitted via e-mail to Find out more about the benefits of 20mph speed limits at

Eamonn Ward
Sheffield Green Party

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