Dear Editor,

Nick Murphy is distressed about people not turning up for job interviews (Star August 12th). Just one in twenty people of working age are unemployed and the experience is often one of pointless bureaucracy. People are required to apply for jobs even if they have already been offered (but not yet started) another job. People are required to apply for jobs even if their health would prevent them from actually taking it up. If they don’t, they get sanctioned, and can end up destitute.

The Green Party would get rid of the sanctions regime. Around a third of the people who claim unemployment benefit have been out of work for more than a year. They have often lost confidence and the skills to get and keep a job. They need support and guidance towards a hopeful future, but instead are made to fill out twenty random job applications a week and waste employers’ time. We need employers who are willing to invest the time to support people into valuable work. We need a Government willing to really invest and support people as well.

Jason Leman
Sheffield Green Party


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