The anger about cuts to “low demand” bus services across South Yorkshire from September is fully understandable but the cuts come as no surprise.

A publicly-run service can deliver the routes and timetables communities actually need, including early morning, late night and in more rural areas. But First and Stagecoach will maximise profits by just running full buses at peak times with lower demand services gradually disappearing. It forces people to use cars, adding to congestion and air pollution, while cutting off those who can’t afford a car.

Clean, safe, accessible public transport and more walking and cycling could make us all healthier and happier. We need a public transport system that takes us where we need to go, affordably and reliably. It should be easy to choose to leave the car at home – or not have one at all. To achieve this we urgently need to get transport back under public control with increased investment in railways, trams and buses.

Rachel Hardy
Sheffield Green Party

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