I would like to thank everyone who works on public transport for their work getting us from place to place in challenging road and rail conditions during 2017.

My thanks are not extended to Stagecoach senior management who think it’s ok to sell me a 7 day tram pass including Christmas Day when no trams will run.

The passes used to be extended by a day but the conductor said they are being brought into line with other operators – so it appears scrooge rules!

Clearly profit and shareholders come before customers. But it’s the conductors who have the joyless task of selling these tickets to passengers caught in this Xmas rip off.

And this happened just before the cost of multi-operator tickets in Sheffield and South Yorkshire rises by well above inflation on January 2nd.

I suggest people join me and go to www.stagecoachbus.com/help-and-contact/national/im-not-happy-how-do-i-make-a-complaint.

Eamonn Ward
Sheffield Green Party


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One thought on “Scrooge rules on Sheffield trams

  1. Darnall Resident says

    On the subject of gripes regarding public transport tickets, what happened to the calender monthly pass? A travel pass for many is called as an essential monthly outgoing. No other “bill” last only 28 days but a so called monthly travel pass does leaving you up to three days short at a cost of £4.30 a day for a Citybus ticket.
    I’ve asked SYPTE about this on numerous occasions to be told it “industry standard”. It didn’t used to be, so who decided that?
    People like myself are on a tight budget and paid monthly, the last week being the toughest. The 28 day ticket just doesn’t help.
    Public transport should be accessible and affordable and I believe a simple change from a 28 day ticket to a calender monthly one may just be a simple solution to ease a big problem.

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