Greens publish formal consultation response

Sheffield Green Party welcomes the aim of better access to GPs but says the CCG’s proposals on “urgent care” are not credible. The Party opposes the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit and Walk-in Centre.

Publishing its response today, Sheffield Green Party says:

  • the aim of providing more urgent care within general practice is welcomed
  • the solution to rising demand for primary care lies in better, long-term relationships between patients and clinicians in local communities
  • we recognise many people can’t get through to their GP for an urgent appointment.
  • the consultation is a sham because it does not explain how access to GPs will improve and does not give an alternative to closing the Minor Injuries Unit and Walk in Centre
  • the Minor Injuries Unit should be retained at the Hallamshire Hospital
  • the Walk-in Centre should be retained in the centre of Sheffield
  • anonymous telephone triage and locating services in the Northern General Hospital  is a move in the wrong direction

The full response is available here: Urgent Care consultation response (pdf)

Douglas Johnson, Green Councillor for City Ward and member of the Healthier Communities Scrutiny Committee, said,

“Many people can’t easily get through to their doctor when it is urgent.  There is nothing in this consultation that says this will get better and the CCG is not consulting at all on the closure of the Minor Injuries Unit and Walk-in Centre.”

“The CCG has asked the wrong questions.”

Dr Jillian Creasy, of Sheffield Green Party and a former GP, said,

“The Clinical Commissioning Group seems to have rolled over and accepted government plans to move urgent GP treatment into a large centre based in a hospital. This will damage local care and make it even harder to get an appointment with your GP.”

Kaltum Rivers of Sheffield Green Party said,

“My family have used the Minor Injuries Unit at the Hallamshire and found it a very good service.   I have young children and live in Broomhall so it would be very difficult to get the same service at the Northern General.”


  1. The consultation is open until 31st January 2018 and the website is
  2. A decision on the consultation is expected to be made in March 2018. Closure of MIU and WIC are planned for 2019
  3. The Government plan to set up Urgent Treatment Centres is at
  4. Sheffield Green Party’s consultation response is available here: Urgent Care consultation response (pdf)


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