Martin Phipps

Martin Phipps, Sheffield Green Party candidate for City Ward, said,

“I was shocked to see that the four plane trees in Fitzalan Square have been so severely pruned that all the branches are now gone! There are few enough trees in the city centre as it is. It says something about the council that they have ignored nearly 3000 people who signed the petition about this, the many comments on the planning application, and the advice of the Council’s own tree manager.”

The petition against the felling is at nearly 3000 signatures:


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One thought on “Shock at severe pruning of Fitzalan Square trees

  1. Andrew Middleton says

    Back when the redevelopment of Fitzalan Square was being consulted upon, I dropped into the display about the plans hosted at the Site Gallery and discussed the trees with the council folk. At that time they mentioned they wanted to ‘allow more light onto the square’ and thought the canopy made the square gloomy – the impression I got was that they felt the ‘darkness’ of the square encouraged anti-social behaviour and drove away Sheffield people from using it. I can just about cope with the pruning if it means the trees are to stay and regrow. Clearly though, their arborists weren’t asked to ‘pollard’ the trees, retaining more branches whilst removing the wider canopy. Sledgehammer, meet nut.

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