It’s very disappointing that three street tree protectors still face High Court hearings on April 30th. This despite the tree felling pause that follows national outrage over the actions of Sheffield council.

It’s happening because the council has signed away our democratic rights to take decisions about our streets, and refuses to back down.

Residents now have a choice. They can shrug their shoulders and accept defeat. Or they can stand up against the combined might of the city council and a multinational company to reclaim our rights and our streets.

Sheffield Greens are proud to live in a city which has chosen to stand up for democracy and the right to protest. We express our full support for the three people facing court action and call on the council to withdraw these legal actions.

It’s time to start a genuine dialogue within the council and with Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG). If Sheffield City Council were to do this, it would signal they are ready to have meaningful talks to agree a positive resolution to this dispute.

Peter Garbutt
Sheffield Green Party


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