Cllr Rob Murphy
Cllr Rob Murphy

Sheffield Green councillors are supporting proposals about transport and fracking – and welcome the fact that the Labour administration is catching up with local and national Green Party policy.

Councillor Rob Murphy, the local Green Party Transport Spokesperson, said:

“We’re pleased to see this change in direction on transport at last. After our recent election successes, it is good to see Sheffield Council taking on our proposals for cleaner, faster and more efficient travel. If followed through, these should improve journeys for all residents.”

“The Greens have long supported a 20 mph limit for the city centre; support for low emission taxis; investment in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure; public ownership of the rail network and re-regulation of bus services. We hope to see further progress such as opening and re-opening of railway stations and lines, the introduction of more segregated cycle routes and the return of the Freebee city-centre bus service.”

The Greens also agree with the Administration’s proposal to oppose fracking.

Cllr Douglas Johnson said,

“The enormous, untested and costly risks of fracking are increasingly well-known thanks to the work of campaigners up and down the country. It is people putting themselves on the front line that have highlighted the threat to local communities from the fracking industry.”


The Green Party amendments will be debated at the full council meeting on Wednesday 6th June 2018. The Council agenda is available at:


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