Stagecoach have not responded to public outrage over cuts to the busy 52 bus service running through Broomhill, Crookes and Walkley to Hillsborough. It will impact people visiting Sheffield Children’s and Weston Park Hospitals, commuters, shoppers, schoolchildren and parents, plus university and college students of all ages and abilities.

Stagecoach don’t have to listen and respond as they (and First Group) are commercial services. Publicly-run services can deliver the routes and timetables communities actually need, including early morning, late night and in more rural areas. A Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report has just highlighted that a lot of low-skilled manual work is now in manufacturing or warehouses on the edge of towns and cities underserved by public transport.

Stagecoach and First will maximise profits by just running full buses at peak times on popular routes, with lower demand services gradually disappearing. It forces people to use cars, adding to congestion and air pollution, while cutting off those who can’t afford a car.

We need clean, safe, accessible, public transport and safer cycling and walking options so people can choose to leave their cars at home. This would reduce congestion for all road users while improving dangerous air pollution and road safety. To achieve this we urgently need to get public transport back under public control with increased investment to improve local bus, rail and tram services.

Bernard Little
Walkley ward Green Party

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