Sheffield was at the forefront of national events celebrating World Car-Free Day on Saturday (September 22).

Nether Edge Road was closed from 1-4pm for a Play Street.

Green Councillor Kaltum Rivers, who attended the event, said: “The Play Street will give local families the change to get together and have fun, to chat in peace to their neighbours, without the fear of danger from cars and their noise and pollution.

“The Play Street will also highlight the need to reshape our transport system and the way we design cities for people, not just for cars.”

Fellow Green Councillor Martin Phipps, who was also there, said: “Air pollution is a huge problem in Sheffield, prematurely claiming the lives of 500 people a year. And we’re learning more all the time about the impacts on health throughout our life, from babies in the womb through to increased cases of dementia.”

Local Green councillor Alison Teal, who helped community members arrange the first Play Street in Sheffield, said: “We know from experience that this is great opportunity for building communities and helping people get to know their neighbours. Small children rode their bikes and scooters, loving the freedom outside their front gates, children and adults enjoyed a friendly tug-of-war, and adults got to know each other over a cuppa.”

The Green Party marked the day around the country, while it calls for the government to increase spending on walking and cycling to £30/person/year, up from the current £6.50.

Caroline Russell, Green Party transport spokesperson and London Assembly member, said: “Car-Free Days are just one way we can show that our cities can be places to live, work and play free from the threat of road danger, congestion and pollution. With 40,000 lives cut short every year by toxic fumes the Government has a duty to explore new ways to meet everyone’s right to breathe clean air.”


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