This motion was passed by Sheffield Green Party at our meeting on January 7th ahead of the House of Commons decisions in the week starting January 14th.

‘People’s Vote’ motion text

Acknowledging that the 2016 referendum on Brexit set a direction of travel, but did not specify the type of Brexit; that the parliament is in chaos over the way forward with less than 90 days before the Article 50 deadline; and the message sent by leave voters in 2016, that they feel left behind and not in control of their lives and communities, and battered by poverty and inequality, Sheffield Green Party will:

  • wholeheartedly back the campaign for a People’s Vote, as the only democratic way forward from our current mess, using social media and all other available resources such as leaflets, internal communications and campaigning time to support it.
  • if the People’s Vote is called, and before that, back calls to democratically stop Brexit (including by extending or revoking Article 50), given that it is now clear that the best possible “deal” we can have with the European Union is being a member of it, democratically having a say over its rules, particularly protection of environmental standards, workers rights and human rights, and working with peoples across Europe to stand up to the power of multinational companies and other international forces.
  • combine this with campaigning to highlight the democratic deficits that have brought us to this point, particularly the Commons electoral system that saw 68% of votes not count in the 2017 election and power and resources being squeezed from local governments.
  • particularly highlight the fearful, difficult position of citizens from EU27 countries who have made their home in Sheffield (and former Sheffielders who live in those countries) and celebrate the value of free movement in enriching all of our lives, particularly those of young people.
  • work with other campaigning groups in Sheffield and across Yorkshire to support their work by, for example, advertising their activities to Sheffield Green Party members


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