Sheffield just sent a clear message at the ballot box on the rotten state of council democracy as operated by the current Labour administration.

It’s astonishing that a Cabinet member should criticise opposition councillors for using constitutional council procedures to “call in” the Cabinet decision on increasing parking charges for scrutiny. In doing so, they just highlighted the Cabinet’s failure to make the decision in time for their planned implementation date. The claimed loss of £95,000 in revenue for just 7 days delay is clearly down to their failings.

We still have just 9 Cabinet members under the same leader making all the decisions despite open revolt among Labour members, many of whom voted for me on May 2nd. This parking fiasco shows they just want to impose those decisions without any opposition scrutiny. It’s time for democratic change in Sheffield – sign the Sheffield People’s Petition to ditch this Cabinet system.

Cllr Angela Argenzio
Green Party, Broomhill & Sharrow Vale ward


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One thought on “It’s time for democratic change in Sheffield

  1. John Ryan says

    First of all congratulations to Angela for her success in the recent council election. As a lifelong Labour Party supporter I voted Green this time and the previous time in opposition to the ruling Labour group on Sheffield City Council.

    I have previously raised issues about the planning decisions to allow speculative building work of luxury apartments in Dyson Place off Gordon Road and just behind the street where I live which is Sharrow Vale Road.

    I don’t know why or how the decision to allow this development was made but it is now over five years since the application was made and the site is still unfinished. Large vehicles including skip lorries still make regular visits to the site even though they cannot actually access the site because of the narrowness of the roads and the legitimate need for on street parking.

    Why was no time limit put upon the contract? What exactly is going to happen to vehicle access when twenty apartments and possible commercial development finally comes to completion? Where will emergency vehicles and recycling vehicles actually go to perform their necessary operations?

    Hopefully the growing influence of Green councillors will start to affect the planning process which I suspect the ruling group on the council will probably blame national government for but that is not good enough for me.

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