Green MEP Magid Magid
Green MEP Magid Magid

Greens secure 12.9% of the regional vote resulting in Magid Magid being elected.

Thank you to the 25% of Sheffielders, more than 34,000 people, who voted to back the outgoing Lord Mayor

The Green Party has achieved its best ever result in European Elections resulting in Magid Magid being elected.

The party has overtaken the Conservative Party in the total share of the vote across the Yorkshire and the Humber region and beaten Labour in many districts (including York, Harrogate, Selby and Craven).

The best result in the region was in Sheffield where the Green Party secured 24.8% – coming second – only just behind the Brexit Party (1).

Magid Magid has said:

“The results, not only here in Yorkshire, but across Europe show that we are seeing people want a kinder, fairer, more just politics – that works for everyone. We have seen a green wave sweep across Europe and we are only just getting started.”

“Whether you are a first time voter, or a long time supporter, by trusting the Green Party with your voter you have sent a clear message.

“We want to remain and reform and we will fight for a People’s Vote. We must have immediate and radical action to tackle climate breakdown. And we must campaign and fight for the rights of migrants and refugees,”

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party of England and Wales, tonight said that the result of the European elections was a clear direction that the UK should call a People’s Vote now, giving voters the chance to choose between remaining in the EU and leaving under a deal agreed with the EU.

Sian said: “Giving the people the final say over the country’s direction is now clearly the only way forward, the way to draw a line under the Brexit chaos.

“The vote tally for clearly Remain parties is higher than for that of the Brexit Party and Ukip. The people have spoken.

“We are in a state of political crisis in the UK. But to understand that we need to look at the causes of the anger and frustration in Leave majority areas, Westminster austerity, our archaic Victorian voting system, and the concentration of power in London.

“We have to be tough on Brexit and the causes of Brexit.

“And we have to turn our focus to addressing the climate emergency, our social crisis that sees millions insecure and uncertain they’ll be able to feed and house themselves, the damage done to the NHS by privatisation and underfunding and the many problems in our education system.”




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