Sheffield Green Party member Graham Wroe is asking people to support his petition:

“The Sheffield Star must stop misinforming the public and start to educate them about the massive issue of climate and ecological catastrophe. Unless the public understands the dire consequences of continuing business, as usual, it will be impossible for the Government to implement the emergency measures required to prevent mass extinction.”

Read the full petition and sign it at


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One thought on “Petition: Sheffield Star must tell the truth about climate catastrophe

  1. ss d says

    Climate change largely started and continues because the powers that be used and are using HAARP to melt the poles to get to the untapped resources beneath the ice which are worth trillions of dollars. So if you ignore this fact you are not doing the research needed to stop this horror and are only working with half of the story as to why we are in this mess. Hence you will only be half as effective as you could be.

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