Water is heavy stuff. Pumping it around the country uses lots of energy, which all adds to the UK’s consumption of gas and electricity.

Campaigning to save water is not just because of leakage, shortages and droughts but also because of the wasted energy used to pump water down the drain. This all leads to increased CO2 emissions. It is something we can all help with.

Nottingham City Council is launching a project to improve water efficiency in the amount of water it uses on its own premises. It will be the first local authority to buy water direct from the supplier at wholesale prices, with a “self-supply” license.

Improved efficiency and the cheaper water costs will save the council over £64,000 a year.

As a Green Party councillor, I have raised this to see if Sheffield City Council can adopt the same approach, which will benefit everyone in Sheffield. It will help address the climate crisis and will save money for other council services.

Cllr Douglas Johnson
Sheffield Green Party


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