Cllrs Ruth Mersereau and Douglas Johnson
Cllrs Ruth Mersereau and Douglas Johnson

Green Councillors are calling for an improvement plan in the wake of news the Council has bailed out Sheffield City Trust with £1 million.

The million-pound loan was taken under emergency procedures, as the Trust needed it before the end of July.

The Trust, which runs Sheffield International Venues (English Institute of Sport, Ice Sheffield, the Arena, Ponds Forge, Sheffield City Hall and other leisure facilities), asked for the cash before the end of July.

The Council then had to make the payment under emergency procedures. However, the Council has decided not to disclose the reasons for this use of public money.

Cllr Ruth Mersereau, councillor for City Ward, said,

“Sheffield has some excellent facilities, such as the only double ice rink outside London, which hosts international standard competitions. However, its potential appears to be lost through SIV being very badly run, with inadequate staffing in its catering functions, poor impressions of cleanliness, and little publicity for events that Sheffield ought to be proud of.

“We have a world-class facility on our doorstep that is not being used to the best of its potential.”

Councillor Douglas Johnson, leader of the Green group of councillors, added,

“An urgent request for a £1 million, which will have to be diverted away from other council spending, should be open to public scrutiny.

“It is important that these facilities are run better. We are calling for a clear plan to improve the management of these facilities for the public. I have therefore written to the Deputy Leader with these requests.”


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3 thoughts on “Greens call for improvement plan and openness with million-pound bail-out for leisure facilities

  1. Raymond Kohn says

    Unbelievable that this loan can be provided with no information as to its use. This is PUBLIC money so, unless the Trust is improbably doing something that is subject to the Official Secrets Act, HAS to be open to public scrutiny. The City Council is forgetting that we are now in an era of TRANSPARENT government so, even if we don’t like what the spending is for, we have the right to know what it is.

  2. Teresa Quinsey says

    Sorry, Greens, you’ll have to start from the beginning in language non- political people can understand. From the Information Commissioner website, Sheffield City Trust Limited and Sheffield International Venues Limited are two distinct bodies. So who has the council loaned the money to? Who are the Trustees? Are they employees of the Council or independent business owners? Irwin Mitchell won’t break their client confidentiality rules and you must have researched before posting the article on your website. Can you direct me to any background information?

  3. Cllr Douglas Johnson says

    Hi Teresa,

    The Council made the loan to Sheffield City Trust. The Trust owns Sheffield International Venues and is a private company (limited by guarantee).

    There were only 3 directors of Sheffield City Trust but, since this article was published, four additional directors have been appointed.

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