Nathan J Strathdee
Nathan Strathdee

We all aim to be sustainable; we’ve been moved by shots of animals choked by plastic, we’re aware of the ever-increasing frequency of “once in a generation” weather events and our children are all too painfully aware of the air pollution invading their lungs. We all try our best to live without damaging the planet, but even as an environmental activist I admit that it can be tiring and extremely difficult to live sustainably. When our public transport is lacking and expensive, it’s all too easy to hop in a car. It is practically impossible to avoid plastic packaging.

Luckily, with my vote, I hope that The Green Party can begin to make changes for us. They are the only party that have consistently worked to tackle the climate crisis, big polluters and ecological breakdown. The Greens have, in one form or another, been empowering people to live more sustainably and pushing for action against the corporations who are big polluters for over forty years.

As an MP, Alison would continue working to empower the people of Sheffield to live sustainably, work that she started in the town hall and at protest sites. Along with Caroline Lucas, she would push for a zero-waste society to tackle plastic pollution. Green MPs would campaign for a Clean Air Act, to reduce clean up our poisonous air by reducing our reliance on private vehicles. Green MPs would push to kickstart tree-planting programmes, replacing so many that were lost in Sheffield.

All of this would be done whilst sticking up for the general public. The Green Party is firmly anti-austerity and pushes for a real living wage. It calls for a ban on zero-hours contracts and a universal basic income to lift people out of poverty. Unlike other parties, it has also been unashamedly pro-European since the start and is in favour of a people’s vote, a democratic solution to the current mess that the traditional parties have created in parliament.

In Sheffield Central, we are in the wonderful position where we can vote with our hearts and campaign for ideals. The Conservatives don’t stand a chance here, but the Greens do, having received the highest number of votes in the Sheffield Central area in the European and Council Elections in 2019. If you want Green, vote Green and begin the work that is required to give the people of this country the bold alternative that is so desperately needed.

Nathan Strathdee


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3 thoughts on “In Sheffield Central we can vote with our hearts and campaign for ideals

  1. Lynette Chipp says

    Alison Teal would indeed make a wonderful MP for Sheffield and a wonderful soldier alongside Caroline Lucas in the war on climate change and on austerity, actually attending parliament regularly, listening and very importantly holding the ruling party to account. We need another voice in parliament to call the government out when they renege on their promises, when they shirk their duty and fail to learn lessons from the past as with Grenfell, or when they look the other way when large corporations dodge taxes. We need another voice to speak out for our NHS, for workers’ rights and for equalities. Alison Teal would do this very well and with great dignity.

  2. lance crookes says

    Hi, i live in manchester and would like to help the greens in a seat where we have a good chance of winning. I’m from sheffield so know the city fairly well. I could come over and do a few days leafleting, door knocking etc. Regards lance

  3. Eamonn Ward says

    Thanks Lynette. I hope your campaigning is going well in Doncaster and I think we may be seeing some of you over here in Sheffield Central – help that would be very welcome.

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