Sheffield Green Party Councillors
Sheffield Green Party Councillors

Sheffield’s Green Party councillors have tabled a series of amendments to the administration’s annual budget.

  • Funding for solar panels to be added to council housing to provide green energy and reduce tenants’ energy bills and carbon emissions.
  • New jobs in a team of environmental sustainability officers to enable Sheffield to undergo the vital transition to a carbon-neutral future.
  • Starting a workplace parking levy for large employers to provide funds for investment in public and active transport.
  • A new “Electric FreeBee” and free Christmas bus travel
  • Electric vehicle charging points and e-cargo bikes
  • A net gain of 34 permanent jobs

Sheffield’s Green Party councillors have proposed a series of amendments to the administration’s budget to tackle the climate crisis in a fair and just manner.

Green councillors propose that £1m is set aside to pay for the installation of solar panels on council housing, reducing tenants’ energy bills and generating renewable energy. They also call for any new council housing to be built with a high standard of thermal efficiency, protecting residents from fuel poverty.

In a major step towards addressing the climate emergency, the Green councillors propose a new team of six environmental sustainability officers to ensure that Sheffield is able to tackle the climate emergency.

Sheffield Greens have tabled an amendment calling for a work-place parking levy on larger employers. This work-place parking levy will generate income for the city that will be reinvested into public and active transport.

The amendments also provide for the protection of segregated cycleways and the running of free public transport in the run-up to Christmas. It is also proposed that the Electric FreeBee bus service is reintroduced in the city centre, with the service running every ten minutes.

The amendments pave the way for a fairer, greener city, in which all are safe, warm and able to enjoy the wonders that Sheffield has to offer. Sheffield Greens are committed to improving the lives of all residents by taking radical action to clean our air, support a strong local economy, provide excellent public transport, local energy production and increasing public amenities and green spaces.

Green Group leader Councillor Douglas Johnson:

“I am very proud to be part of the Green group of councillors, who have produced an impressive and comprehensive package of investments for real change.

“We are proposing major investments in warmer homes, better public transport, walking and cycling, and a better designed city to live in. We will promote healthy lifestyle choices, improve air quality, and drive changes in public transport policy. The Green Party budget proposals also offer real help for people living in fuel poverty, poor quality housing and on low incomes. Our budget will also provide 34 permanent jobs directly employed by the Council, in addition to the increased employment in the voluntary sector and from capital investment . Our proposals will put sustainable and affordable choices within reach of all Sheffielders.”


Read the budget speeches from Green councillors Douglas Johnson and Paul Turpin:



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