The focus of this crisis is keeping everyone safe by staying indoors as much as possible. The knock on effect is quiet or deserted streets where some people do not feel safe, especially women on their own. It’s quiet across the whole of Sheffield so people can feel vulnerable.

It’s vital we all follow social distancing rules. We also need to be aware that many people feel unsafe walking alone at night or when few people are on the streets. That means giving people plenty of space when needed, watching out for anyone we see in an at risk situation and not standing by if we see someone being harassed.

Racist responses to the crisis are concerning. We know some people of Asian ethnicity have stopped wearing masks in public or going out to exercise fearing racist incidents. The Sheffield North East neighbourhood policing team deserve credit for patrolling with Roma speakers in Page Hall to ensure people actually understand the new rules. We all need awareness that social distancing is very difficult for families crammed into rented accommodation that too often is poorly maintained by rogue landlords.

We’re all in this together in the big Sheffield village and in the global village too. Let’s all act responsibly and support each other through this crisis regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.

Mustafa Ahmed
Burngreave ward Green Party


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