I agree with Lib Dem Cllr Chris Carter that urgent climate emergency action is needed (Star letters June 5). But not his suggestion of “relaxing safety requirements for nuclear power stations and building new ones as quickly as possible”.

Even with existing safety standards for nuclear power stations, there’s always a significant risk of another Chernobyl or Fukushima plus the expensive and dangerous problem of disposing of nuclear waste. Sellafield is only 160 miles from Sheffield.

Renewable energy is becoming cheaper all the time compared to expensive and dangerous nuclear power. A World Wide Fund for Nature report outlines that investing in a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic could create 210,000 green jobs by 2030, bringing £90 billion a year to the UK economy and getting us on track to achieve net zero emissions.

The Government has pledged to “build back better” and deliver a green recovery. The Green Party believes it must ditch fossil fuel subsidies and invest in clean, renewable energy that can meet our future needs safely.

Callum Sweet
Stannington ward Green Party


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