Green Councillor Angela Argenzio who represents the Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward has called on Amey to empty the litter bins they are responsible for more regularly. Amey are the company that look after a range of services for Sheffield City Council including emptying street bins

In response to an email from Councillor Argenzio regarding the often overflowing bins Amey said they had sensors within the bins that told them when they were full so they could then go and empty them.

Angela Argenzio stands by a litter bin overflowing with rubbish

Councillor Argenzio said “I do a regular litter pick of the area around Newbould Lane in Brommhill and every week, without fail I see the same overflowing bin. Either the sensors that say when the bins are full aren’t working or Amey are ignoring them. Whichever is the case Amey need to sort out these overflowing bins and ensure that they are regularly emptied so they don’t make the area look a mess. Amey have a contract with the council and they should fulfil it.”