Dear Mayor Oliver Coppard,

The loss of this vital service is devastating to our communities, it reduces the already diminished bus service to the people of Gleadless Valley where many people have already lost the 11 and 11a services.

The loss of the number 10/10a service is a particular problem and it will affect people all over Sheffield, as it’s a circular. Most importantly it stops at the Hallamshire Hospital so it means not only those in need of the essential health services they provide, but also those who provide those essential services won’t be able to get there, unless they have alternate means of transport or take multiple buses.

Most of the services that Powells ran have been picked up by other companies but the number 10/10a is one of the few that remain without a provider.

This is yet another blow to public transport and not only reduces access to travel but reduces our impact on tackling the climate emergency and air pollution. For many, the only alternative to time consuming bus hopping or taxis will mean more car journeys, if people are fortunate enough to own one.

The key challenge now for the Mayor of South Yorkshire is to get a fresh tender out there to invite other bus operators to serve this vital lifeline, or even better, set up a publicly owned bus company to operate these services. Either way, this needs dealing with urgently.

Please sign and share the petition in support of reinstating the number 10/10a bus service here:-


Sally Pedley – GV TARA Chair
Cllr Alexi Dimond
Cllr Paul Turpin
Cllr Marieanne Elliot