Green Councillor Marieanne Elliot has called on the Council to give a commitment to incorporate green technologies like solar energy and air sourced heat pumps in new leisure and swimming developments.
Speaking after the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee on the Council’s Sports and Leisure Strategy, Councillor Elliot said,
“ I have investigated the use of renewable energy in swimming pools and have found at least 8 other Councils that have used solar and other low carbon technologies to lower their energy costs. This is exactly the sort of thing we need to be doing to ensure our leisure facilities stay open for the public. Moving away from our reliance on fossil fuels is the most financially viable way forwards.”

Exeter City Council have recently opened one of the most energy-efficient leisure centres in the world, building to the internationally recognised Passivhaus standard (1). They are reporting energy savings of 70% compared to a building constructed to current building regulation standards. This is the approach we need in Sheffield. I have had assurances from Council officers that they are looking at these standards in proposals for Springs, Concord and Hillsborough Leisure Centres. I will be looking closely at how the council proceeds with these and other construction projects.”

1. “How we created the UK’s first Passivhaus Standard Leisure Centre” – Local Government Chronicle – January 2022