Ashley Routh
Ash Routh

Last year the UK made a commitment as COP President to update its climate targets to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.
Since then, the Government has done the opposite – introducing new oil and gas licences and rolling out road and airport expansion.

It will not even rule out the opening of a new coal mine in Cumbria.
Despite the stark evidence of climate breakdown and the catastrophic impact it is having on developing countries like Pakistan, the Government is failing to honour its own climate pledges.
It is shameful that at a time when people across the world are seeing their lives destroyed by climate change, the UK government could not live up to its commitments and set meaningful climate targets that would protect millions of people.
The Green Party has a vital role to play in putting pressure on Rishi Sunak to revisit the UK’s climate targets to curb carbon emissions and keep the global warming goal on track.
The UK must show climate leadership and put climate action and helping poorer countries most impacted by climate change at the top of the agenda.
Time is running out.
Help us hold the Government to account. March with us on the Climate Demonstration organised by the Climate Justice Coalition from City Hall at 12 noon on Saturday 12th November. Join the Green Party here.

Yours faithfully
Ash Routh
Walkley Green Party


Videos from this event can be found here.