Cllr Ruth Mersereau
Cllr Ruth Mersereau

Greens on Sheffield City Council have backed an initiative to tackle drivers who break the law on a range of traffic offences including banned turns, entering yellow box junctions when the exit is not clear, and driving where and when motor vehicles are prohibited.

The power to enforce a range of traffic offences currently lies with the police alone but Government legislation came into force in May 2022, allowing Sheffield City Council to apply for a Designation Order enabling it to exercise enforcement powers to help make Sheffield’s roads safer.

Councils wishing to exercise these powers have a deadline of 15th of February to submit their applications and to indicate to the Government which roads they want to apply these powers to.

Sheffield has identified an initial 3 areas to enforce

Queens Road and Bramall Lane – illegal turning movements Yellow box junction – no stopping

Glossop Road and Upper Hanover Street – Illegal turning movements Yellow box junction – no stopping

Hoyle Street – yellow box junction – no stopping

The rules will be enforced using cameras with vehicle number plate recognition technology and appropriate signage will inform road users that enforcement cameras are in use.

Councillor Ruth Mersereau said,

“This is a very positive move and Greens fully support this initiative to make roads safer and to tackle dangerous drivers. Over 75% of people responding to the consultation backed these proposals, so it is a popular initiative as well as one that promotes highways safety. If this trial is successful there is a real opportunity to extend these enforcement powers across the whole city and that is something I and my Green colleagues would very much support. ”

Report to Extraordinary Transport, Regeneration and Climate Committee on Traffic Management Act Part 6 – Application to the Department for Transport to enforce Moving Traffic Offences