Manor Castle Green Party are campaigning for improvements to an extremely dangerous traffic light junction with no pedestrian lights.

The junction of Bernard Street, Duke Street and Talbot Street is featured in a video showing people running for their lives as they try to cross the road. A petition launched in February on 38 Degrees ( already has over 190 signatures.

Ruth Flagg-Abbey at the dangerous Duke St/Talbot St/Bernard St crossing.

Ruth Flagg-Abbey, who is standing as the Green Party candidate in Manor Castle ward in the local council elections this May, said

“The Sheffield Star has an online article promoting possible routes that drivers of HGVs and other commercial vehicles could take to avoid driving through the Clean Air Zone. One of the Star’s suggestions is to exit the Parkway early and drive along Cricket Inn Road and Bernard Street, which brings drivers to this awful junction. It must be one of the least pedestrian-friendly junctions in Sheffield.”

Manor Castle Green Party activist Graham Wroe said “ The Council must now prioritise improvements to pedestrian safety at this junction. We have been campaigning for it since 2008 and now it is clearly going to get worse.”