The Green Party are celebrating Toby Mallinson winning in Hillsborough so we now have all 3 Councillors in Hillsborough Ward. Unfortunately we lost to Labour in Nether Edge, so the overall balance remains the same. All the Green Councillors defending their seats were re-elected with reasonable majorities.  Labour needed to gain 3 seats to take overall control of the Council, but they have failed to do this.

Throughout the city Greens polled 24923 votes, which was 19.5% of the valid votes cast. Our total vote is half of the Labour vote, but due to the unfair electoral system they elected 16 Councillors while we elected 4.

Full results are on the City Council website here and also on the Who is my Councillor website.

Green Party leadership respond to the results

Ward Defending Party Winning Party 2023 Green Position Change to Council
Beauchief and Greenhill Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Beighton Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Birley Lab Lab 3rd None
Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Green Green 1st None
Burngreave Lab Lab 2nd None
City Green Green 1st None
Crookes & Crosspool Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Darnall Lab Lab 4th None
Dore and Totley Lib Dem Lib Dem 4th None
East Ecclesfield Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Ecclesall Lib Dem Lib Dem 2nd None
Firth Park Lab Lab 2nd None
Fulwood Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Gleadless Valley Green Green 1st None
Graves Park Lib Dem Lib Dem 3rd None
Hillsborough Lab Green 1st Green gain from Lab
Manor Castle 1 Lab Lab 2nd None
Manor Castle 2 Lab Lab 2nd None
Mosborough Lib Dem Lib Dem 4th None
Nether Edge and Sharrow Green Lab 2nd Lab gain from Green
Park and Arbourthorne Lab Lab 3rd None
Richmond Lab Lab 3rd None
Shiregreen and Brightside Lab Lab 3rd None
Southey Lab Lab 3rd None
Stannington Lib Dem Lib Dem 4th None
Stocksbridge and Upper Don Lab Lab 3rd None
Walkley Lab Lab 2nd None
West Ecclesfield Lib Dem Lib Dem 5th None
Woodhouse Lab Lab 4th None


Graph showing the Councillors on Sheffield City Council
Make up of Sheffield City Council May 2023

Throughout the country Greens have been doing brilliantly, winning over 200 seats and making over 100 net gains. More information on the national site.

To help us do even better next May and in the forthcoming General Election. please join us.