Cllr Ruth Mersereau
Cllr Ruth Mersereau

A proposal to install a phone mast and cabinets in a proposed active travel route has been objected to by Green Councillors as it significantly narrows the footway for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Planning Application by CK Hutchinson Networks Ltd is to install telecommunications equipment on East Bank Road for a 15-metre high monopole and 3 cabinets.

Green Councillor Ruth Mersereau, who submitted the objection said,

“The siting of telecoms equipment here would impede a proposed key cycle route planned for
this site, which is part of Active Travel Fund 3. This mobility route is to pass through the City ward, so I’m keen that the route is unimpeded, and that the safety of people on bikes or foot is not compromised.

Even if this proposed cycle route doesn’t proceed as planned yet, siting telecom equipment on pavements reduces the width of the footpath available to pedestrians. The siting of the equipment here would compromise the safety and mobility of pedestrians.

Any alternative proposals by the telecoms company to site the equipment on footpaths elsewhere are unacceptable for the same reason. The telecoms company should negotiate with private landowners to site the telecoms equipment, instead of obstructing the public highway, pedestrian and cycle routes.”

A similar objection by Green Councillors to a proposed mast and cabinets on Jessop Street in City Ward was successful. An appeal by the developer against refusal to the Planning Inspectorate failed. The Planning Inspector concluded that the siting of the equipment would compromise the safety and mobility of pedestrians and cycles due to the decreased width of the shared pedestrian cycleway and the resultant increase in the potential for conflict as a result.

Cllr Mersereau commented:

“Phone companies should not look at public pavements for land grabs and assume they are there for the taking.”


1 – Link to the Planning Application – 23/01685/TEL | Installation oF 15m high slim-line monopole, supporting 6no. antennas, 3no. equipment cabinets and ancillary development (Application for determination if approval required for siting and appearance) | Telecomunications Equipment Land Opposite 53 East Bank Road Sheffield S2 3PP