Cllr Alexi Dimond
Cllr Alexi Dimond

Sheffield Green Councillors have called for a ceasefire to prevent war crimes in Gaza from escalating into genocide.

In a motion to next Wednesday’s Full Council Meeting, Sheffield Green Party Councillors are asking all Councillors to ask the UK Government to back an immediate ceasefire, to ban arms sales to Israel and to back peace talks.

Councillor Alexi Dimond, a Green Councillor for the Gleadless Valley Ward, who proposed the motion, said,

“The Israeli government has been explicit about its genocidal intent. Defence Minister Yoav Gallant has said: “Gaza won’t return to what it was before. We will eliminate everything.” So far nearly 5000 civilians have been killed and the ground invasion has not yet started.

Instead of supporting war crimes, our government must call for an immediate ceasefire. Electricity, food and water must be restored to Gaza. The killing of civilians in Gaza and the West Bank must be stopped. Further escalation makes a regional conflict increasingly likely. At the same time as killing innocent Palestinians, the actions of the Israeli government make Israelis less safe.

We have been consistent in calling for a release of all hostages and political prisoners, lifting the siege of Gaza and condemning all atrocities, both those that have been committed by Hamas and by the Israeli Government. It is innocent civilians who are suffering as a result of these actions.”

Councillor Maleiki Haybe, a Councillor for the Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward, said,

“The Labour Leader, Keir Starmer has angered many people by saying in an interview with LBC, that Israel “does have that right” to withhold food, water and electricity from Gaza.The Green Party believes that this statement effectively supports collective punishment, and that Starmer should apologise and retract it. “Innocent Palestinians should not lose their lives because of the actions of the Israeli regime.

“The only way to secure peace between Israelis and Palestinians is for a just political settlement based on the end of the occupation of Palestinian territories and an end to discriminatory apartheid policies, settler colonialism and ethnic cleansing.”

“We strongly oppose Israel’s actions, which some describe as a ‘second Nakba’ or ethnic cleansing.
“We’re calling for a complete military embargo on Israel, similar to what was applied to apartheid-era South Africa.

“It’s crucial that the International Criminal Court conducts a thorough and quick investigation into possible war crimes, crimes against humanity, including genocide and apartheid.”